Xi propaganda proves his limited historic and current failure to understand global business

Recent Chinese dramas prove the CCP chose propaganda over historical & present fact to delude China & the world.

Several years ago, China’s CCP locked down - shut down - every Chinese drama. That lockdown lasted several months as every script had to be approved by the CCP.

The official excuse was never explained. But those of us who occasionally watched Chinese dramas knew why: the CCP wanted all Chinese dramas to portray China as a forward thinking, democratic nation based on equality, and on personal equality. The problem is that Xi’s CCP failed to match its official rhetoric with factual evidence.

CCP propaganda would have everyone believe that China has always been…and continues to be…a society in which bad guys exist but the law and what is right always won. That evil was always punished. But we know that is historically incorrect.

Beginning in the 10th Century, Chinese ships sailed the South Asian Sea as far as India and Africa on trade missions, bringing back silks, exotic spices and gold back to China. In addition, China, as Josean’s (Korea’s) overlord, claimed or demanded the destruction of all early Josean technology innovations. The Imperial Court demanded China be the only technology innovators. To a large extent, China was successful in its efforts to suppress Josean technology advances due to the fear among Josean’s Court officials of China’s military overlordship and economic support of the nobility. But actual history records. Example: it was not China which first developed movable type but Josean. It was Josean who first developed an accurate Water Clock and Celestial Clock, not China which first claimed rights to these inventions.

Nevertheless, by the latter part of the 14th Century, the Ming Dynasty began pulling back into isolationism. As its global trade decreased as a result of Imperial policy, it’s inability to fend off invaders from Europe and much later from Japan increased.

As China learned, isolationism comes with a heavy price. Xi’s not as educational ignorant as Mao whose Cultural Revolution inhibited China’s economic growth for decades. But he still holds fast to Mao’s belief of Chinese superiority which would not be bad - American and other nations do the same - were it not for his utter and complete control of the Chinese media and economy. There is no free market in China. There is no free exchange of ideas or technology or the economy. Everything is controlled by the CCP, including Chinese ex-pats living abroad who’ve been extorted to cooperate with the CCP due to family members living in danger in China.

China’s global message, via dramas and propaganda, is that China has always been an equal and national rights alternative to the US. But the truth is, Imperialical China, historically, has never valued human rights. Moreover, Xi’s China exploites Third World Coun

Even early Chinese sailors didn’t choose such a massive scam on its trading partners. That’s not to say all Chinese are scam artists or propagandists, but far too many are afraid of the conseqences of their actions.

Xi has become the moderrn version of Mao…and everyday he chooses to shut down open international trade just as Mao did, except what he wants how it takes place to Chinese profit, regardless of economic viability.

Those are the messages new Chinese dramas & propaganda scripts extol, regardless of the truth.

In fact, Xi’s and Putin’s propaganda messages against the US for the last 5 years have been very much in sync. The free world, including a democratic US alliance, must take note of China’s propaganda medium too and counter it.